Lots has changed since I wrote my last post here. After 12 months of torturous waiting I have been finally reunited with my husband. I feel like it would help if I explained my situation here a little bit. When I first met my husband he was serving in the US Air Force. We got married in the UK where he was stationed at the time. After 3 years he had to go back to the States. We were not really expecting to go back so soon. We decided he would go ahead and prepare the ground while I stay behind and wait for my visa to come through. We stupidly assumed it will take 3 months tops. It turned out to be exactly 12. All in all I think we handled the separation pretty well.

If there was one thing this undeniably tough situation taught me is that I have truly amazing people in my life who I can count on no matter what. Every time  I think what my have friends done for me it bring tears to my eyes. Oh and there we go! Made myself cry. I shouldn’t really think about it now when I am still home sick. I always feel bad saying that- I am home sick. I am here with my husband who I love more than anything, yet I feel home sick. I miss my sisters and my friends who I lived with for a year.

Kat+Felix+Washington MonumentBut now I live in America. Everybody keeps asking me how I like it. Well… I don’t hate it. So I suppose that’s something. It is different. People are super friendly which totally freaks me out. I am used to British mentality- we are all polite but we keep to ourselves, I only talk to you if I have to. Very different here! Strangers talk to you all the time and  I was like: Why are you talking to me?What do you want? OMG they are going to jump me! I am still getting  used to constant: How ya doing?’s and How’s it goin?’s.

I have also come to realization why it is that people in the UK talk about the weather all the time. It is because weather in the UK  changes all the time so it is interesting to talk about. When I arrived in Virginia it was very nice and sunny-propper hot summer. Living in Britain for 10 years I wasn’t used to such heat any more. And I felt like talking about it. On my second day here I said to one of our house mates: It is a beautiful day today, very sunny. And she went: I guess. As if she had no idea what I was talking about and why. So apparently weather is not on american list of small talk topics. Lesson learned!

But as I am starting this new chapter I have tons of new ideas. Some are big some are very small. Either way I have decided to show them off here, on my blog. So brace yourselves people!